Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Template Tuesday - There's No Place Like Home

Did anyone see Oz the Great and Powerful yet? We haven't. Was it any good? I was supposed to finish this BEFORE the movie came out, but instead I'm going about it AFTER. So, no matter how you felt about the movie, either way, this papercut is a gentle reminder of a brilliant classic. I still remember hiding under the sheets in my parent's room while watching the flying monkeys or any part with the Wicked Witch. Say it with me now, "There's no place like home...there's no place like home..."

This is what the template will look like. I think the hardest part about this is keeping the lines of the poppies thin.
Download your free template here: There's No Place Like Home
OR if you just want your own nifty iphone case, go here: Society 6
OR you can purchase this papercut that I just made, right here: Etsy


Iftikhar Ahmed said...

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xashee's corner said...

I haven't seen the movie but I LOVE your talent and thank you for sharing! :)

lalineval said...

Thank you, it's so nice ! I've cuted it...

Catherine said...

Just completed my first papercutting project using your generous There's No Place Like Home template. Very much enjoyed doing it so thank you.

Fahad Naseer said...

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Vikki Cook said...

I feel silly asking this but I'm new to paper cutting and I need advice, please!

When I take a template such as the 'There's No Place Like Home' one, I trace it, then flip it and use a pencil to transfer the tracing to card...but it means I'm cutting from the FRONT of the eventual cutout, rather than the back, so you can still see the pencil.

I can't work out how to take a reversed image template and use it in a way that means I end up cutting the final image from the back, rather than the front.

Sorry, that might not make any sense, lol! But I'm hoping you can help. Thanks!