Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Template Tuesday - Delivery Stork

I was going to use this image in the last show I did, but I wound up not using the theme I was going to use and then I thought it would be a perfect Template Tuesday image. I hope the baby doesn't look too alien-like - although that's more true to life. :)

Here's what the template for the stork delivering a baby will look like.
Please enjoy this free template (but enjoy it for private use only - if you're going to sell something, try your own hand at it - you can do it, I promise!)

Download here: Stork Delivering Baby


Laura said...

This is so perfect! I will add your link to my Ravelry Page - so many knitters / crocheters there making Baby stuff - your template will be most welcome! Thanks! Laura

Margaret McNeal - PhD by Publications said...

This is an interesting image and would obviously be perfect as a design for pieces for a baby shower. Or to knit a gift to an expecting, or new, parent at any time really. Thank you for the free download for private use. This would be a great opportunity for knitters.

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Hub said...


I have found You here thanks to 'Paper cutting' book. I felst in love in one of Your works placed there, 'Untitled', 2008, the one with perspective. That inspired me sooo much! Thank You for this awesome piece :)))

Love from Poland!