Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Today I went to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum to prepare for my upcoming art show there. Dana and I spent the whole day preparing the gallery.

When it was lunch time, we decided to try out the Bruges Waffle's & Frites place that I had heard about. Dana got one of the waffles and shared it with me and let me tell you, if I could bury my face in one of those waffles every Saturday for the rest of my life, I would be so happy. We each got a medium fry and their medium fry is NOT like McDonald's medium fry. We should have shared.

Then it was back to work! This is Dana. She is the one who is responsible for this whole event. I was having my show at the Masonic Temple and she came up to me and asked me if I would be willing to do one at the children's museum. I thought she would maybe call me a few months later, but no, she called right away and now here we are. One of the walls was a 90s yellow color and here she is painting it blue.

Kim! Kim came by after her date (I'm not going to tell you about it) and we put her to work. Here she is denuding the branches. We're going to spray paint these white and hang them from the rafters.

Here's a long view of the gallery. I'm kinda nervous about the whole thing.

Here's one set of windows. It's hard to see what it looks like because of the sparkly lights on the trees in the background.

This one is easier to see. This is the doorway to get into the place. The trees look better from the outside in the daytime and better from the inside during the nighttime.

The window beside the elevator. It was the last one and I had lost all my desire to paint another tree and then I got a second wind and got 'er done.

The window with the squirrel.

The first window on the left. There were 6 of these size windows and one door.

A good day's work. I hope that everyone can come to this show. It's going to be super fun. It opens to the public at Gallery Stroll on the 19th of February. There will be a kid's room where they can cut out their very own scherenschnitte. It should be very kid friendly. More information to come!


PAK ART said...

I love the window treatments. If you ever decide to quit your day job you could get a job painting windows for high-end stores.

julia said...

I love the windows. Beautiful. The sparkly lights from outside look as if they are a part of your design in some of the photos.

Amy. said...

Just found your blog through another blog I read and am loving your spot here on the blogosphere. The windows you painted are so fun.

I am a paper cutter too. I have been cutting paper snowflakes by hand for about 17 years and selling them for 3.
I will stop back soon.

Ann On and On... said...

How cool. I would do that in my front windows...

WoolenSails said...

I love the colors you are painting, the windows and the trees. It is going to be a beautiful show.


Jessica said...

Saw your amazing work the other night when walking by, but the area was closed. How long are you going to be there?

Jen and Shane said...

Muy muy pretty! Makes me want to walk right into the window. Good luck with your gallery show in February. xo

Cindy said...

PAK ART, thanks! I think I'll stay where I am for right now. High-end window painting is a good back up plan though!

Julia, thanks! I think so too.

Amy, pretty snowflakes!

Ann On and On, you could! It's just painted out of acrylic.

WoolenSails, thanks! The pictures are probably a little deceiving, the whole thing is pretty much white. The walls are different colors though.

Jessica, thanks! It's going to be up for 2 months or so. The artwork inside hasn't officially been put up, that will go up pretty soon. The only time it will be available to the public will be on the gallery strolls on the 16th of February and the 19th of March.

Jen, what I wouldn't give to have you at that show, walking into windows.

Randel McGee said...

I served in Belgium on my mission and ate lots of waffles and "patate frites". Please show me where this place is when I come in April and I will treat you to a waffle! :o)How long is your show up? I hope I can see it when I am there.
Randel McGee

Jenny said...

I forget to check blogs, but every few months or so I remember to check yours, and each time I do I am newly inspired. There are a lot of inspiring places on the web that I love, but yours actually makes me want to stop what I'm doing and start a new papercutting project, like, immediately. Also, while I absolutely cannot draw as well as you, in fact, I can't draw at all, you totally inspired me to start making my own designs to cut, and I have to thank you for that, too.

Anne said...

C'est très joli !
Anne (France)

april said...


catarina said...

Beautiful or in bahasa Indonesia cantiknya!
I love the window...

michelle said...

what kind of paint did you use for the windows? I have been wanting to do that forever