Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Template Tuesday - Halloween Spider Attack!

Don't you just hate getting attacked by a giant spider?

Okay, guys, I don't have time to make the template for this because I have an art show on Saturday, but I will post it shortly thereafter.

BUT...if you want to learn how to make this papercut, I will be doing a demo at this art show if you're in the general vicinity.

Website: http://www.utlfa.org/
$4/Adults Advanced, $5/Adults at the Door, $3/Students Advanced, $4/Students at the Door, $2/Seniors Advanced, $3/Seniors at the Door
Dates: Saturday, October 10,
Times: 5-11pm
Location: Salt Lake Masonic Temple
650 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

It's at this place, which, to tell you the truth, I'm pretty excited about.

I don't know how chaotic everything will be, but I'll try to do a demo around 7pm and 9pm. I'll just show you how I make it and then you can take the template home and try it for yourself. It needs to be done on something at least as thick as regular scrapbooking paper.


Kim said...

Can't wait! Wish I lived closer!

Shelley Noble said...

Have a great time teaching. I love this paper piece. YOU ROCK!

Marie said...
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Marie said...

I've been on a tour of the Masonic Temple and to a costume dance there (weird!), but never to a papercutting demonstration. I shall try to come and see you at work.

You should devise an intricate square-and-compass design to present to the temple. When I was last there the office door of the Most Worshipful Grand Master featured the creepy picture of a clown (I think it was related to Shriners), giving the impression that the Temple was under the leadership of a clown. I'm sure you could come up with something much classier for them.

PAK ART said...

3-D scherrenschnitte! Clever! Paper is just the most wonderful medium to work with.