Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Template Tuesday - Utah

So, the audience scope for this one is kind of narrow, but it was one I felt like doing. Last week I went to Oregon and Washington for work. While in Oregon, I saw all sorts of bumper stickers that had the shape of Oregon with a little heart symbol in the middle. I thought, "I don't think we have anything like that that is really prevalent in Utah." We're kind of like the girl with the low self-esteem that goes around saying, "I'm fat..." until everyone starts to believe her. I've heard, countless times, and have even been guilty of it myself, the question, "Why Utah?" when asking someone why they moved here. So, that trip, I decided to change my attitude. I like it here. I bought a house here. I have a dog here. I have great friends here. My neighbors left me a care package for Halloween. I can go hiking here and the streets are wide enough for my carriage to turn around on. So, here's to Utah, the 45th state.

Here's what the template will look like. However you create it, make sure that the tall part of the state is on the left hand side when it's finished.
Download your free papercutting template of Utah Love.

Here is some of the reasoning for my images:
State Bird: California Gull
State Flower: Sego Lily
State Insect: Honeybee

I have the gull eating a Mormon Cricket. My friend Kim in an entomologist and I helped her stuff some of those Mormon Crickets for pinning. They are huge! For those of you who don't know the story, and it's a good one, check out Miracle of the Gulls.


Jen said...

Woohoo! I love Utah, too. You go, girl.

charli said...

This is a great state silhouette! But I'm from Ohio--got one for the Buckeye state? :)

ps found your blog today and love your work!!

Retro Plants said...

Utah we LOVE thee!

i am from Utah. . . grew up there, in fact. . . and i love it too.

i am now in New York. . . and guess what?

what a great collage. . . can't wait to cut this one up. . . thanks!

p.s. i heart SLC! lived there for three years. . . miss it dearly. . . so go ahead and love Utah! what is so wrong with that?
it is a gorgeous state that has a LOT to offer!

p.s.s. Mormon crickets. . . oh my!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I love this! Maybe someday I'll see a bumper sticker with your design on it, it's lovely and an ever lovelier sentiment. I'll be linking.

Marie said...

I love Utah, and I love that others don't -- more Utah for ME!

I also love your design -- vicious cricket murder in a heart. Classic Cindy.

Lisa said...

I love your work. I visited your Etsy site. Why are your items so cheap? I would have thought that this kind of work is very, very time consuming and tedious, therefore worth a ton. I wish I lived in the area to take your class. Since I don't I'll just admire your work and hope to purchase a cutting. Also, do you draw everything freehand yourself?.

Mike said...

In my version, I cut a big hole over where the copper mine is.

Your version is lovelier than mine, though!

april said...

Love this gull and cricket! I can wait to read about the Miracle of the Gulls. Great piece for your wonderful state, Cindy!

silent said...

Hi Cindy! I stumbled upon your blog and I love your work! I'm featuring your work on my blog today. (http://lifeasitisbeautiful.blogspot.com) Hope you don't mind.

Louie said...

I live in New Zealand and this looks just like our native bird, the kiwi, eating one his favourite treats, a weta, a native NZ insect!!

jens hunger said...

i like it........

My Life Works Today! said...

I'm an Oregonian returning to my German roots and beginning to explore this wonderful craft. I am so amazed and inspired by your work~ absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all~


Alyssa Coberly said...

okay totally random I realize ... but Im not sure how else to get a hold of you ... just wanted to check on my custom paper cut that you were doing for me for christmas, im getting a wee nervous :0) you can contact me via email - alyssa@theorangebicycle.com

julia said...

I have just been paper cutting for years but am trying more intricate designs lately. I never heard the term scherschnitte before today. I just found your blog and have become a follower. i posted some of my creations on my blog today.

Five of US said...

Okay, so, for a minute there I thought the seagull was eating a bee and I thought, "Wait..." Ha. Pay me no heed.
And yes, I'm reading your blog from most recent to least. I'm lounging, eating Hot Tamales candies, and just enjoying your papercuts.