Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Erin!

My friend Erin is turning another year older today and I've had a couple of different ideas for things to do for her for a papercut. I wound up doing this one that goes along with the circus themed cuts I've been meaning to do but have never done. This is of Erin and her two little monkeys that she takes everywhere with her and teaches them everything she knows. Happy Birthday mi hermana!


perilloparodies said...

That is so sweet. Happy Birthday to ERIN!!! Your people really are amazing. And that you made the monkey ACTUALLY LOOK like monkeys fascinates me. :-) Have I told you lately that I appreciate your work? Well, I do!

erin t.s. said...

I am the luckiest monkey mother ever! Thank you soo much, it's beautiful!