Monday, March 17, 2008

Your Wish is My Command

I made prints of some of my papercuts that I've been working on. Go ahead and check out my etsy site to see more!


the7gerbers said...

Gorgeous! Thank you! If I have questions about these, or other things you might do, may I contact you via email? Thanks so much!!


sunshine said...

I just bought the one woman with an issue of blood well because I and my three daughters all have blood issues we have VWD Von Willenbrands Disease and Since I am a female too. There are 4 females with blood issues in my home this will be so poignant a thing in our home not just art but actual meaning to life for us. I cut silhouettes myself and want to get into this style mine is more the old sit down with someone in front of you and cut a silhouette in time I hope to get fast at mine then try your style. I wish the one in your shop had the size written as I am not sure what size I will get and I wish it was black but I am good with it the way it is. Take care and thank you Wendy "sunshine" Harbaugh