Friday, October 02, 2015

Freebie Friday - Death's-head Hawkmoth

Okay, I'm mixing it up a bit. From now on, the free templates provided will happen on Friday. I will still make templates on Tuesday, but they will be a little more ornate and available for purchase on my Etsy site.

That said, here's a free template! It's October already, guys. Can you believe it? Halloween will be upon us soon. Here's my first template this month, a Death's-Head Hawkmoth. Can you believe these suckers really exist? The first time I had ever heard of or seen one was when I was a teenager watching the movie Silence of the Lambs. That movie freaked my noodle right out. Anyways, these moths are just fascinating.

Here's what the template looks like. There are two difficult things about this cut. One, the skull in the center. I'd start with that first in case you mess up so you can just start over. I think if you mess up on the wings you can glue them but those eyeball and nose holes are tricky at the attachment points. The other part that is tricky is the wing lines. Be sure to cut from left to right (or right to left if you're left-handed) so that you can see how thick you are cutting. If you cut the opposite direction, your hand gets in the way.

Anyway, enjoy. Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. Go get spooky! Here's the template: Death's-head Hawkmoth.

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These templates are for personal use only. You can make them for your mom, you can make them for your aunt, you can make them for your family reunion, etc. Please don't sell these free templates for your own personal gain. I put them out there as a service, don't make me get frustrated and stop doing them. Don't ruin it for everyone else! Also, if you're going to sell art, maybe you should make it your own. You can do it, I promise! It's not good karma to pass off someone else's art as your own. 

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