Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Template Tuesday - Turkey Lurkey

It's good to be back in Utah. I had to go to Texas for work for 12 days and while it was nice to have my bed made for me everyday and all my meals paid for, it's even more nice to be home with loved ones and to sleep in my own bed. Although, I've been having really weird dreams ever since I've been home of things like thousands of mice overrunning our food storage and serial killers that peel the skin off their victims. Lovely, right? Other than the funky dreams, it's good to be home.

I drew this little turkey table decoration a long time ago and finally cut it out yesterday. I thought I'd make him nice and big so that it would look nice for our own table decorations, but that might have been a mistake. The top was a little too floppy. When the actual Thanksgiving time comes around, he'll stand up just fine with some fruits and flowers around the base though.

Here's what one half of the turkey looks like. This is my actual one scanned in and the other side photoshopped out. You could just cut one turkey out and be happy. In order to make these stand a little better, I had to cut off part of it's underbelly - that's why there's that weird slice at the very bottom. I fixed it in the template so maybe it's a bit more sturdy.

I made the template in a lighter color in case you wanted to print it out on cream colored paper like I did. Print two of them. This template fits on 11"x17" paper. Fold both papers in half along the dotted line. Cut out the middle filled in pieces first. I stapled him together in the middle using a long-reach stapler. You could also stitch it up the middle with thread, which would definitely have a classier appearance.

Here is the link for the free template: Turkey Lurkey.

Please use these for personal use only.


Barb said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talents!

Erica Hernandez said...

So good - thank you!

Ann Martin said...

So pretty, thanks Cindy!

deanna said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.