Friday, October 11, 2013

Frequently Asked Friday - How to Cut Thin Lines

Nobody ever asks me this, but maybe there are some people who want to know. Here's how I cut thin lines.

1. Cut from left to right (unless you are left-handed, then cut from right to left).
2. Keep blade SHARP! Dull blades will rip paper more often than a slip of your hand will.
3. Practice! Practice! Practice!

I made a sheet with illustrations and everything about cutting thin lines. You can download a copy here in vector format: How to Cut Thin Lines


Anonymous said...

I have been cutting almost straight, not on an angle, then placing a finger along the cut above my blade when I do the opposite side. And I can't find the blades I like anymore! What do you prefer? My mom used to use a scalpel. Thanks for your info!

Cindy Bean said...

I mostly just use #11 Xacto blades. I buy a pack of 100. They go pretty fast, but I find they work well. I've tried using a scalpel, but I don't like the way that feels in my hand. I like using something that's a bit more rounded. I think what kind of blade you use is mostly personal choice. That finger thing that you do works too!

BurningRubber said...

Thanks for sharing this. I always get upset when I can't see what I am doing. I will definitely give this a go. It makes sense. Now as for cutting straight lines....LOL

Melissa said...

I am new to Scherrenschnitte having only been taught by a friend with a group of ladies at the RV park we were all living in. Our "instructor" did absolutely beautiful work but was only around for a few months so there is much I don't know. Number one, where can I get instruction, not just patterns and number two, concerning cutting thin lines as in this blog are we to always cut on either side of a line.