Friday, October 18, 2013

Frequently Asked Friday - Cutting Circles

If you've ever have a problem figuring out how to cut teeny tiny circles, well, look no further - here is the answer! You can do this in 4 easy steps:
  1. Cut a half circle. 
  2. Place your finger over that half circle. 
  3. Lift up your knife, go back to the beginning of your cut and cut the rest of the circle out. 
  4. Practice! Practice! Practice!
 Do you have a different way of cutting circles?

Download the instruction sheet on how to cut circles: Cutting Circles 
Or, you can cheat and buy a teeny tiny hole punch, but sometimes you can't get into the middle of a larger cut with that, so you might as well man up and learn how to do it someday!

1 comment:

Martha O. said...

You could use a die and hammer like they do to punch leather. Also there's a push hole punch that I've used for pattern making, and it looks like you can change the bit for different sized.