Monday, September 30, 2013

In Focus: The Thinks

So, I have this Society6 page that I'm new at and so I get excited if someone "follows" me there. One of the people who recently added me had remarkable work. I checked it out and then I checked it out some more. Go absorb the creations of Hannah Stoney, you won't be disappointed. She does beautiful work. Here's her: WEBSITE :: PINTEREST :: FACEBOOK :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6. There's more, but I'm lazy. Here's a piece she did:


Hannah Stoney said...


Thank you so much -- it truly means so much to me that you'd blog about me!

Just one thing -- that photo is Sarah Trumbauer's creation, from an interview I did with her. You might want to swap images :/

Hannah x

Cindy Bean said...

Oops! Will fix that!

Cindy Bean said...

Done! Your piece is equally as impressive. I love it!

Hannah said...

Thanks Cindy -- this made my day, thank you!