Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Template Tuesday - Varga Girl

I know I've got a long way before I'm even close to being anything like Alberto Vargas, but here's my attempt at a Varga Girl. I went to Disneyland with a guy who is in the Air Force a few weekends ago and I told him it kind of stunk that they don't get to do nose art of sexy ladies on their planes anymore. He agreed with me. I think I would like to flush this out a little more someday. I like the concept.

If you're going to try this one, remember to go from left to right on the thin lines (right to left if left-handed). Have fun!
Download your free papercut template: Varga Girl


molly said...

thank you so much for starting template tuesday again! this is my favorite!

Trisha said...

Very nice! Thank you!

JenW said...

cindy! i was on One pretty Thing and saw "scherenschnitte shares a papercutting template" and i thought, "i KNOW her!" how wonderful and you are really so talented and wonderful! very pretty! good to see you at least in cyber space:)