Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Template Tuesday - Mermaid Anchor

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mermaid and I believed that mermaids really did exist (part of me still does). Often, while swimming, I would pretend I was a mermaid and that my name was Brook. It's really difficult to swim with your legs together when you don't have fins. Anyway, here's a template Tuesday for all y'all who wished you were mermaids.

This is what the paper cut will look like. Fold along the dotted line. Do NOT cut out the dotted line parts that are white. DO cut out the dotted line parts that are gray. Also, remember to cut out the gray, inside areas first.
Download your free papercutting template here: Mermaid Anchor


veela-valoom said...

I used to play the Mermaid game in my pool too. With practice you get better at swimming with your legs together.

Jaspenelle said...

This is so lovely, maybe a little tricky for my skill level (I am so not good at long wispy bits) but practice makes perfect right?

WoolenSails said...

Love this one, I have mermaids in my bathroom. I did a hooked rug and a quilted piece. I don't think a paper cutting will go too well with steam though;)


Anonymous said...

Me too! I have been enchanted with Mermaids since I was a little girl. My daddy and grandpa both told me stories of their 'mermaid' encounters and I have been in love ever since {even got a mermaid tattoo on my back }
Lovely design! x

Junie Moon said...

I love your mermaid project and since I collect them (mermaids) and consider myself an erstwhile mermaid, I'm going to try this project ASAP. Thank you so very much!

Shal said...

I still secretly believe I'm part mermaid. Thanks for posting this beautiful cutting. Love your work - Would love to give papercutting a try, but I'm genetically disposed to extreme clumsiness so sharp objects is a big no-no! :D

Julia said...

my grand daughter who is 7 is just now really admitting that maybe she's not really a mermaid. She used to tell us that she would grow her tail when she was a teenager. She said we could still visit her because there is a special entry way into the mermaid world just for humans.

cherri said...

Hi Cindy

I used a couple of your stencils to paint on t-shirts for my daughters - I thought you might like to see how your lovely drawings had been used in a different method.

I hope you like them, your drawings have had many compliments and I am really happy with how the stencling turned out.

Thanks for the inspiration!



Anonymous said...

My name IS Brook, and I love mermaids. My beautiful friend Dianne just sent me this cut-out as in a "Anchors Away!" farewell card, since I'm moving down the Bug Muddy to New Orleans. It was one of the coolest little gifts ever.