Friday, October 16, 2009

The Saint

I have always loved deer. Growing up in Las Vegas, I heard that Wayne Newton had a deer in his backyard (he also had penguins and raised beautiful Arabians). In my head, that made Wayne Newton the coolest person in the world. It still kind of does.


bigBANG studio said...

Cindy- these are INCREDIBLE! No, wait, it needs to be said in a French accent- c'est ENCROYABLE! I just came upon your blog from a link from Shades of Heather Grey, and as a (fledgling) papercutter (but mostly painter) I am totally blown away by your work! Can't wait to spend some more time on your blog and bask in your creative talents.

xo lily

P.S. if you want to see my humble papercuts I did for our wedding invitations I posted them here:


PAK ART said...

This is very nice. I'm enjoying seeing the series of pics from your show.

Melissa said...

I love how delicate these are. I wish that I could have bought more at the art show last week. It was so great to meet you. I found just the right spot for the birdcage cut. It looks really good.