Monday, October 12, 2009

The Diviner

Here's one of my pieces for the Festival last Saturday. This one I called, "The Diviner" but I don't know if that guy is really a diviner. I don't know if that guy is even really a guy. When I drew him, I was thinking of him as a guy but everyone I've shown it to thinks that it's a woman. I guess I just drew a pretty decent shim.

I have five that are similar to this. They are all pretty small - the green part measures 4.75" square. So teeny!

Anyway, thanks to all who came to the show. It was nice to meet those of you who I hadn't met before!


Kim said...

You can't go wrong with elves and gnomes and mushrooms. Your cutting is darling. I think it looks like a guy!

Bluebelle said...

I think it's a guy! And he totally has that squirrel under his spell. :)

Marie said...

He's found water in that squirrel. I think divining rods are usually held in both hands (holding each prong of the Y in a hand and the bottom of the Y pointing outward), but who says elves use theirs the same way as humans do?

I love your Mushroom Phase. So delicate and woodsy and all wriggling with roots and blades of grass. Makes me think of Haeckel.

Your booth was by far the best one there.

Rook No. 17 said...

Hi! Found you through "How About Orange". Thank you for the templates. You're so talented! Amazing work! I'm happy to have found you and am now following.