Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Template Tuesday - 4th of July Liberty Bell

Sweet freedom. You know how you get to a point where almost all the things you have to do are done and you think you're about finished, but eventually a whole new slew of things gets thrown your way? I feel like I'm almost to that point. It's nice. I'll just trick myself into thinking I'll have a load of free time sometime soon.

It's been a little while since I've done a papercut template and I kept wracking my brain as to what I could do for the 4th of July. I kept thinking of doing fireworks, but that's kind of boring. Then, the other day, I got this awesome mirror at the thrift store with 13 stars and an eagle at the top and my friend Kim suggested I memorize the Declaration of Independence while I go swimming. Voila! I have a little bit of Declaration of Independence, a little bit of the 13 colonies and a little bit of the Liberty Bell. Happy Independence Day, America, enjoy a free scherenschnitte template!

Here's what the template looks like:

Download the free template here: Liberty


bug girl said...

That's quite the freedom combo. So does this mean I need to start working on memorizing the Declaration of Independence again?

perilloparodies said...

Great 4th of July cut! personal for me as I am from PA, and I am missing home and some of the familiars. Seems to me that next time we make it back to the States, this should be one of the things on the list to show my kids. hm... thanks for the idea. nice one.

Cindy said...

bug girl, yes, but not the parts where they declare all their grievances.

perilloparodies, thanks! I'm glad I could send you a few memories of home.

Kim said...

Love it!!! Fireworks would have been nice too :) I will have to cut this one out ASAP - thank you so much for the design!!!!

Cindy said...

Kim, glad you like it! I think if I ever do fireworks, I'll do something more 3D.

YUG said...

Amazing! I just stumbled upon this when updating my own blog and looking at Black*Eiffel...God Bless America and amazing talented people like yourself!

Etieneps said...

Hi, i don´t know english very well. I´m a brasilian ilustrator girl and i need to know: if i cutomize your free templates, can i sell my paper cutting jobs? I have a craft store, and i think to do babies things. Paper cutting is new here, i never see. I want to start.. :)

I won´t to sell the template, this i know is wrong.

Can you answer me by email (or flickr), please? Thanks.

I love this site.

Courtney G said...

Tried to click on the download and the page I was linked to said there was an error. Is there a mistake with the link perhaps? I would really like to use this image! Good Work! :)

Jenn Levanger said...

I would Love to use this and would be willing to pay you for it. The link no longer works.