Monday, April 27, 2009

Template Tuesday - Mother's Day Hen

Mother's Day is coming up and I'm always so bad at remembering until it's too late or I procrastinate thinking that I have plenty of time. This Mother's Day, I'm prepared! I have a craft book and I think I'll give her this little papercut with the Mother Hen and her chicks.

Here's what the template will look like when you download it. Remember, cut out the gray part first and then the outer outline.

Here's the free template: Mother's Day Hen


Cheryl Kugler said...

Your craft is fascinating. Thanks for sharing on your blog!


Kim said...

I love love LOVE this one! Will be cutting it out soon for my mom -and mother-in-law - THANK YOU!

Cindy said...

Cheryl, thanks! I have a good time.

Kim, cool! You're welcome!

Clare said...

I've just given this a go (four months late...) and it looks so cute!

But I lost the legs on the righthand chickie, and I couldn't get those crescent moon eyes -- the paper just crumpled. I'll try again with thicker paper.

Thank you for sharing these templates.

Julie Buehler said...

Hi Cindy, the link for these hens and the deer are both broken! Mother's Day is 5 days away. and I, the procrastinator, am desperate!!!! Help!!!! Thank you :)