Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I totally failed yesterday with Template Tuesday. It's because I'm leaving for Washington DC in a half hour and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I will have Template Thursday this week!

That said, I'm going to be in the DC area, do any of you know of any museums or places that have Scherenschnitte to look at? I would love to see some stuff! Also, do any of you know if there are any places to buy papercutting paper over there? It seems like the east is more Scherenschnitte savvy and might actually have something like that.




kristie sessions said...

have a great time!! Anything at the Mall (smithsonian) will be fantastic. They have some wonderful modern museums that I like there. You could spend days wandering around, especially since they close at 5 every day. No help with paper stores though....

MiJa said...

Hi Cindy, I came across your site today thru IF, and am in love with your work! I live near DC in VA, and it's a fun place to explore! There's a Utrecht's art store in DC that I've been dying to go too;

What kind of paper do you normally use? I've dabbled here and there with papercutting, and find it therapeutic. Your work makes me want to do it more!

Have fun in DC!

Christena said...

I hope you found someplace to see papercutting art. I was going to suggest the American History museum as I just found out yesterday that a lady in our area and a friend once decorated a Christmas tree in that museum with their papercutting--350 pieces I believe she said. The museum only loans the pieces out now for other tree displays, like in our state capitol one year. It's beautiful work, something I'm going to explore, along ith everything else I'm interested in, but seldom have time to continue exploration. Hope you enjoyed your trip. Christy