Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Template Tuesday - Four-leaf Clover

It's still Tuesday! I'm going for consistency here. I can barely even keep my dishes clean, but I'm going to try to be faithful to this thing.

This is the best month in the world. It is my birthday month, the first day of spring month, now it's daylight savings time month. It also holds the best holiday in the world. The holiday where you are forced to wear green or you are leaving yourself wide open for pinching. I hate the people who say things like, "My eyes are green," or "My underwear is green," and try to pinch you back.

Anyway, here's a papercut that's more of a pattern. I had no idea what to do. I spent way too much money at the makeup store tonight so I didn't have time to concept as much as I would like to.

Here's the template
if you feel so inclined. It's kind of easy. Just have the template be placed in the corner of a twice folded piece of paper. Cut out the gray parts first, then the outlines (but not the dotted line) and then unfold. Easy, breezy, beautiful, four-leafed clover image.

* Ooo! Look, my friend Sarah cut out her image and posted it on her blog. Good job, Sarah!


Melissa said...

Hey, my birthday is in March, too! I like this pattern is simple and elegant! I like it. I could have used this for inspiration yesterday when I had to decorate a table for the month of March at my enrichment night. It is much better than what I came up with. Thanks for your "Template Tuesdays." I have enjoyed them.

plainoldsarah said...

hey the good roommate's bday is alson in march. i'm not sure she's as much a fan as you are. i'll have to share some of these good reasons to love it with her. thanks for template tuesday - one of these days i'll get myself a knife and do some cutting!

plainoldsarah said...

hooray! i just did it! with good old fashioned boring scissors. it wasn't too bad. reminded me of making snow flakes. thanks! i feel talented now.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Cindy...Thanks for templates. When is your book coming out? You know, I've already told you how much I love your cuts. Just want to add to that and tell you how much I love the "Watership Down". I'm always awed by people who are so creative like you. My son-in-law writes music ("I Loved Her First" (co-written by him)). I'm blown away by his talent and how in the world does he do it! And the same goes for you. You go girl!!!!
Sharon from Tx

andi said...

Have you thought of a kid friendly Template Tuesday? I think it would have to be doable with scissors. Maybe it would work.

Mr Lee said...

Love it !!!

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Candice said...

Template Tuesday is the best thing. THANK YOU! I just finished my St Pat's papercut and am looking for the right place to hang her. Do you have a favorite exact-o knife?