Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Template Tuesday - Queen of Hearts

A lot of people come to this site looking for templates. While a lot of the papercuts on here are easily made into templates, most of them are too small to actually use properly (I don't mind if you try to recreate them for yourself or as gifts). I'm going to try to - every Tuesday (I realize I'm posting this late on a Wednesday night, but Template Wednesday doesn't quite have the same ring that Template Tuesday does), create a scherenschnitt that will have an accompanying template that you can download. Here's the first one! It's the Queen of Hearts!

The following is not actually the template, it's just what the template looks like. To actually download the template click here: Queen of Hearts Template.

Oops! I just realized while looking at this that I didn't create this properly. If you print it out, you need to print out the reverse, so that the Q looks backwards to you but right in the mirror.

In order to make this papercut, first you'll cut out the gray areas. This one is pretty much all gray area. Once those are all cut out, cut out the edge of the card.

Anyway, enjoy! I haven't been able to stop singing the Juice Newton song, Queen of Hearts, since I started creating this. Good thing I really like that song.


Alison said...

you're good at everything.

perilloparodies said...

neat!!! how did you create the template???

nicole said...

Thank you so very much for providing these amazing templates!

I am enjoying a lovely snowy day, cozy indoors cutting out many of your wonderful offerings!

Thank you!!! : )

(Now that song is stuck in *my* head lol)