Sunday, December 21, 2008

Glitter Obsession

So I've kind of been obsessed with glitter ever since I did those little glitter ornaments. It's so pretty. One of my co-workers, Audre, did a trend trip to New York and picked up this really cute little hanging dangly thing:

I thought, "Heck! I can do that," and so I tried it and I think it turned out rather nice. Technically it's not a papercut since I didn't use my own skills to cut anything. I used Making Memories' new die-cutting machine, the Slice, to cut out the stars, their grommet hole punch to cut out a big hole and a smaller hole punch to cut out the letters.

I think I'd like to make more with other cheesy words like dream or believe and hang a ton or them from the ceiling in my bathroom. These would be so pretty for a wedding, too.


TxScrapAddict said...

Love it!! The more cheesy the words the better!!

John Speight said...

Neat idea!

Tara said...

HEY! I wanted to copy the one Aud brought in too!! But I didn't think of using the slice. Maybe I will do that whilst laying on the couch. Did you use MM glitter?