Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

So last night, in order to cut all these out and glue them to the eggs and modge podge over the top of the eggs, I watched the end of Anchorman, all of Talledega Nights, all of the Wedding Singer and all of Just Friends. I made these for an Ornament Swap for people online and I kind of don't want to give them out anymore, but I'm way late in sending them out so I think I have to! They are pretty nice. My friend Cassian helped me paint them on Thursday. It's been quite the long process. I'll post the finished product picture tomorrow!


Snippety Gibbet said...

Nice! The paper has the look of watercolor paper, but I can't imagine you used that on these. Beautiful.

John Speight said...

Great idea. I love those little white Christmas trees all lined up on the desk before being glued!
Got me in the Christmas spirit.

perilloparodies said...

So pretty! I would have gotten tired of doing so many... I did some cuts for Christmas gifts, but... only for immediate friends and family. Such a lot of work, and not enough time. :-)

Well done! they are beautiful!!

Ulla said...

Truly delightful and very festive!
Happy holidays!