Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Making Memories

I'm featured on the Making Memories (where I work) blog! I had said that I would do a piece that would relate to scrapbooking and I will put that up tonight. Check back and see!

Oh, and some people were wondering if I had a video of how to papercut and I do, I did it a while ago and I would do things differently now, but here's what I did do!


TxScrapAddict said...


Anonymous said...

I found you as you were highlighted on MM today. Your work is stunning! I'm so amazed. Be sure to pass this lovely skill to someone in your family so it stays with you for generations to come. I will check back often to see more of your great work!
-Sue S

syeda said...

I love your work. It's amazing.

milkcan said...

Your work is jaw droppingly amazing! Very inspiring!

Colleen Mulrooney said...

such a cute vid! and very cool work!!

Rosie&James said...


Thanks for making this video- I have one question though. I started doing papercuts of some of my pictures. I like to do the cut on one color of origami paper and then mount that on a contrasting sheet of paper (right now I'm working on a mountain biker in dark blue over pale yellow background).

My question is: How do you mount your papercuts? Right now I'm just using a glue stick and I usually get malaligned somewhere and end up with a crease in the paper. Also, the glue stick doesn't last all that long, but if I use a liquid glue it wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles the paper.

Any advice from your vast store of experience would be greatly appreciated!

Your fan-

PS- My favorites of yours are the Little Red Riding Hood series (I played her in an opera in college) and Darcy and Elizabeth (from my FAVORITE book in the whole wide world)

Cindy said...

Hi Rosie,

Gluing is a tricky thing. Some people suggest using spray mount, but I'm way too clumsy for that and like I'm gonna spray that wretched stuff on something I just spent hours creating. What I like to do is pour glue on a paper plate then take a toothpick and pick up a small amount of glue. Then I dab it on key points on my design. This way it stays put. That's my only advise for right now!

I need to make prints of that Pride and Prejudice scene!


Rosie&James said...

Thanks for the tip! I've got a couple scenes sitting around waiting to be glued, but I've got to do it today since they're Christmas presents tomorrow! That sounds a lot better than my current method of gluing the whole back and then getting frustrated when I can't lay it down perfectly on the first try.

I would highly encourage prints of the P&P scene... ;)

Sharonacles said...

I was just looking at this demonstration video this morning from my ipod and I saw you had a template...and when I got to work I looked up this post so I could print the template, but I don't see the link anymore. Do you no logner offer it? *sad face* I wanted to try & make one to frame & either keep myself or give to my sister-in-law since we both love squirrels :)

A French Accent said...

Thank you Cindy! Your work is amazing and you make it seems so simple! Thank you for sharing the many templates on your blog.