Wednesday, February 13, 2008

King Bran

The white parts near the bottom will look better when they are glued down, more continuous, but here's what I'm currently doing. This is a papercut about the legend of King Bran. Here's a bit more about it:
Another Tower raven legend chronicled in the Mabinogion states that upon the death of the giant king Bran the Blessed (bran means raven in Welsh), his head was cut off and buried at the “White Hill” in London, (usually identified as Tower Hill) “with the face turned towards France.” This burial is known in the Welsh Triads as one of the Three Happy Concealments of The Island of the Mighty. As long as Bran’s head stays buried there, Britain will be safe from invasion. It is as if these older legends, folktales, and superstitions fused to form the current Tower of London raven legend. (Fortean Times UK)
I'll post more as I do more!


Snippety Gibbet said...

You have such a natural touch. Your lines always look so beautiful.

doro K. said...

wow. can't believe you made this with scissors and cutter. these "scherenschnitte" are so beautiful. i'm simply speechless...


M.KATE said...

really nice, ours here are red rats, red for the chinese new year and rat being the lunar year for 2008, nice cuttings

Cindy said...

Snippety Gibbet, thanks! Sometimes they look better online than they do in real life though!

Doro, thanks!

M. Kate, I would love to do some chinese new year cuts. That's a good idea!