Monday, December 03, 2007

Hawk On The Wire

So I stumbled upon this bird blog that is run by John Dempsey in England. It is updated pretty regularly and I saw this image of a hawk sitting on a telephone post (November 17, 2007) and thought that it would make a great scherenschnitte. So I made one. There's another image of some rooks that I'm going to do that will kick hiney too.


S said...

My goodness what wonderful things you make!
I came over her by way of Limes blog. She really knows how to pick them.
Keep on making awesome art and thanks for sharing!

stephanie s said...


Keyser Soze said...

Hi CF!
I found you through The House Of Lime's link to your lovely craft and not only are you a fab artiste you're also a lovely pretty girl!
- Der Keyser

PS sorry 'bout your old home. I had a similar experience and it sucked. They tore the old thing down and built a McMansion on top. Very sad.

Cindy said...

Thanks S & Stephanie S! I will keep on keeping on.

Keyser Soze, you fascinate me.

Poppy Black said...

I just found you! How divine. I have thought about paper cutting for a long time but have never done any, apart from snowflakes. I just love your ones. You must be super careful and patient. I must have a go over the weekend!

bittystarr said...

Hi Cindy - I have really enjoyed browsing through your blog...especially since I have recently entered the realm of paper cuttings. really lovely stuff.

my blog is pretty much non-existent (I don't think that I was cut out to be a "blogger"), but you can check out my Etsy site if you'd like:

thanks and keep on scherenschnitting!