Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Swallow Papercut

I thought I'd try making a folded papercut. I love the feeling you get when you unfold the paper to see your creation. I also love how the swallows meet at the center.


Jennifer said...

My sister Kara introduced me to your blog because she knows that I love doing intricate snowflakes. Scherenschinitte is really neat form of paper cutting, I especially like the combination of symmetry, design and pictorial images in this one. Is there a book or a site where I can learn more about the process of scherenschnitte. Also, the bid question I have for you is what tools do you use?!! I have bought at least 4 pairs of scissors in search of the perfect pair. And getting I smooth curve with an exacto-kives is so difficult.
If you could email me I would really apprecaite it.
-Jeni Gaskin

Jennifer said...

Blah, sorry about the typos!

perilloparodies said...

yeah, she has the same questions i had... and i like this one too, because it reminds me of snowflakes a cousin showed me how to make. beautiful and different.