Friday, September 22, 2006

Sequim Periwinkle Papercut

Last August, Dan Heintz from the Heintz Berry Farm out in Sequim did a fireside for the Single Adults out here in the Seattle Washington North Stake. His topic was Bloom Where You're Planted, a fitting topic for a berry farmer. During the talk, he mentioned that if he were a flower that he thought he would be a periwinkle. He said it was a very useful plant, it's flower wasn't too showy, but it had a subtle beauty. I had never seen a periwinkle plant before so I researched it on the internet. Then, while walking the streets of Seattle, I saw them everywhere. The blue is very pretty. This was the frame I used originally to send it to him, but I opted to use a wooden one I got at the thrift store and I placed a bright olive green paper in the background.

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