Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Commissioned Piece - Team OHSU Race

A friend of mine works up in Portland for OHSU and recently asked me to design the t-shirt logo for the race they were going to be participating in (Race for the Cure). The design originally had the name of the race but they liked it enough to want to use it for other races they might be involved in, so they scrubbed that part. It was fun to work on and research. All those little running people to cut out really maxed out my skills.


Molly said...

This is beautiful, Cindy, as is all your work! You're such an inspiration and so incredibly generous with sharing with the world so that we can also enjoy some of your wonderful templates!

I'd stopped with papercrafting for a few years, but came back to your blog and found lots of new template Tuesdays that you've shared during my hiatus!

I wish you lots of luck with your future!

Unknown said...

I've only just discovered papercutting and am really enjoying it, so it's been great to take a little wander around your blog!

I do have a question though - HOW do you cut the really teeny pieces?? I always make a mess of it because no matter how small the blade, I struggle with cutting small shapes!