Thursday, April 09, 2009

Template Tuesday - Daffodilly and Chick I'm way late on doing this Template Tuesday, but the appeal of a blog is that you can alter the date and no one will know! Unless I say something like this.

So the other day, we were throwing out names for stuff at work and I happened to like the name Daffodilly and no one else saw my vision. I asked my co-workers what I should do for another Easter papercut and Hillary said I should do a Daffodilly one. Brilliant! So I did. This one started out as a mirror image cut, but didn't look quite right, so I just made it a single image.

Here's the template and the below image is what it should look like: Daffodilly.


Deb said...

Seeing your blog is going to make me try this at some point. I have the scissors, but after that I'm lost. Will have to read more through your blog concerning papers, etc. Love your work!

Mr Lee said...

Lovely!Well done.Have a lovely Easter weekend.Welcome to our blog

Marie said...

The daffodillies are looking down at the chick and making a heart shape! That is darling.