Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Template Tuesday - Love Birds

It's almost that wonderful time of year again that some people hate and some people love and some people are indifferent to. Well, regardless of your Valentine's status, here is a papercut that I hope you'll enjoy. This year me and my Valentine and our mini Valentine are going to go see the Lego Movie. I hope you get to do something you enjoy on Valentine's Day, even if it's to be a hater.

I also created the template in an easier format for beginners. It doesn't have the eyeballs or the breast parts cut out. Go ahead and give one to your Valentine just plain like these or take one of those online calligraphy classes and write a tender sentiment in the middle. I took this online one (Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy by Molly Jacques) and it made the envelopes to our Christmas cards so jazzy.

Here's what the template will look like. This is one that you need to fold in half. Be careful not to cut through the beaks and the center of the heart part or else when you unfold it, the heart will fall apart! I color coded this in two ways. The light gray parts are the part you can cut out if you want the beginner version. If you're feeling confident, cut out the darker gray parts. Remember to cut the gray parts out first before cutting the outer edge.

Here is the link to the template: Love Birds. Happy cutting!

©2014 Cindy Bean (
These templates are for personal use only. You can make them for your mom, you can make them for your aunt, you can make them for your family reunion, etc. Please don't sell these free templates for your own personal gain. I put them out there as a service, don't make me get frustrated and stop doing them. Don't ruin it for everyone else! Also, if you're going to sell art, maybe you should make it your own. You can do it, I promise! It's not good karma to pass off someone else's art as your own.


ingrid said...

What a lovely piece Cindy. I always love birds and your birdies are so sweet! So good to find a new post too! Enjoy your 'heart' day!

Rebekah said...

This is so cute! I'd cut it out just for fun if I had time. :)

xashee's corner said...

LOVE this! thank you so much for all that you share! such beauty, such fun!!